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A Wedding Beckons

Love takes us to Tel Aviv; a place of contradictions, too often at threat of war

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Regina Chaya and Jason are to be married and B4 and Paul are among the fortunate to be invited.

Dear friend Nicky (Miki) Yakubovich and his lovely wife Jane have honored us with an invitation to the wedding of their son, Jason and his fiancé, Regina Chaya Radusky. The gracious invitation is a gift to us; giving us both the opportunity to share in their joy and to experience Israel. It is, to be sure, a destination wedding--that destination being Tel Aviv, Israel.


B4 has been to Israel but once--thirty years ago, she says--I have not. Having already visited 109 countries on this planet Earth, I've no excuse for having not made it to this vibrant and fascinating place before now. I am excited at the prospect.

Our travel, like our lives and our destination, is complicated. Today I fly MCI-LGA followed by Lyft LGA-JFK to meet B4 who, having left Kansas City two days earlier, arrives from SLC (a board of directors meeting) and LAS (a real estate meeting). We will meet at the Marriott Courtyard JFK--even though my flight is delayed due to weather, I arrive a few hours before she does--to spend the night before leaving tomorrow noon for our overnight flight to Tel Aviv.

We humbly invite you to be our guests through nine planned entries over nine days as true love takes us to a land of--sometimes--violence and even war. SHOULD YOU WISH TO BE UNSUBSCRIBED FROM THIS BLOG, PLEASE DON'T HESITATE TO NOTIFY PAUL AT paul@russraff.com. NO HARD FEELINGS. In addition, please know that we love to receive comments; look for the button should you wish to weigh in. If you know of others who might enjoy reading of our experience, notify Paul so they can be added to the subscribers' list.

A bit of research prior to this journey has given me the sense that Israelis think of rockets overhead as midwesterners think of tornados on the horizon. "Look, there's one. I'll worry about it if it seems to be coming straight at me; otherwise, it's a frequent nuisance about which I am fully aware and not unduly afraid." Another day, another threat; nothing new.IMG_7848.JPGMortarShellsFiredFromGaza.jpg

We shall see.

As a mostly irrelevant side note, it was 62 years ago yesterday that a tornado ripped through my neighborhood in Kansas City's Ruskin Heights neighborhood, killing 44 and injuring 531 but leaving me safe hiding under a heavy table in the basement of the home of my late aunt and uncle. I was a third grader entranced as my Aunt Thelma, huddled next to me, remarked to my Uncle Jim that, "Oh, do you hear that train? Those poor people don't know that there is severe weather about." Warning sirens, watches and warnings had yet to be invented. Little did she--and we--know that the sound we so clearly heard was a fiercely violent funnel cloud momentarily and inexplicably lifting to spare our home. I will never forget that night.

I am hopeful that nothing occurs during the next week to make this trip memorable for anything other than love and joy and peace.

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